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Armadale Capital provides exposure to the rapidly expanding graphite market through its 100% interest in the Mahenge Graphite Project in Tanzania.

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The demand for lithium-ion batteries to power automobiles is likely to be one of the biggest growth areas for graphite. It is well known that Tesla is building a new US$5 billion lithium-ion battery factory that could potentially increase natural graphite demand by 37% by 2020. The planned output from the new factory, commencing production in 2017, is 35 gigawatts per hour/year in lithium-ion batteries by as early as 2020, which would more than double the size of the current market. In addition, LG Chem and Foxconn are both building battery super plants. With a lithium-ion battery using around ten times as much graphite as lithium, graphite demand for batteries is expected to grow at around 15% per year.

It has been calculated that the Tesla plant alone will consume 28,000tpa of spherical graphite when operating at full capacity. This equates to between 40,000 and 93,000 tonnes of flake graphite if produced to today’s standards which has raw material wastage of up to 70%.

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